Delight is designed luxury. Created for sophistication and style, these marble stylized ceramic tiles come in six sizes, four colors, and four finishes to offer you a premium and customizable look.

Classic Style, Modern Design

These full-body porcelain stoneware tiles are composed of a very fine mixture of clay with elements of feldspar, quartz, and kaolin to provide for a compact, non-absorbent, and frost-proof tile that’s resistant to bending, impact, staining, and thermal shock.


LEA delight marquinanero nat 60x60 10mm 001

Delight Marquinanero

60mm x 60mm x 10mm

LEA delight invisiblelight nat 90x90 11mm 002

Delight Invisible Light

90mm x90mm x 11mm

LEA delight calacattaoro nat 90x90 11mm 005

Delight Calacattaoro

90mm x90mm x 11mm

LEA delight venatobianco nat 90x90 11mm 005

Delight Venatobianco

90mm x90mm x 11mm

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At Big Sky Surfaces, the possibilities for what you can create with porcelain tiles are virtually endless