Slimtech Basaltina

Inspired by nature, these shades of gray recall the beauty of the natural stone. With a minimal and suggestive look, they offer a beautiful stonework appearance in a high-quality and durable porcelain tile. Choose between Sabbiata, Naturale, or Stuccata in three distinctive and beautiful shades.

Style Without Compromise

These stylish yet durable tiles offer resistance to stains, front, UV discoloration, water absorption, and abrasion. Their lighter design offers a material that is easy to work with while their reinforced fiberglass construction provides a tile suitable for wall cladding and high traffic floor applications.

Slimtech Basaltina

sabbiata 3plus 100x100


100mm x 100mm

naturale 3plus 100x100


100mm x 100mm

stuccata 3plus 100x100


100mm x 100mm x 5.5mm

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