Slimtech Gouache

These slim tiles were designed by combining consideration for both quality and durability as well as uniting the ideas of chromatic research and aesthetics. These designer tiles are perfect to decorate the interior of your home or business.

Style Without Compromise

These stylish yet durable tiles offer resistance to stains, front, UV discoloration, water absorption, and abrasion. Their lighter design offers a material that is easy to work with while their reinforced fiberglass construction provides a tile suitable for wall cladding and high traffic floor applications.

SRC020 PLUS 7X500X500X35
SRC010 PLUS 3X1000X1000X35
SRC020 micromosaico 25x25
SRC030 PLUS 3X1000X1000X35
SRW010 PLUS 3X1000X1000X35
SRW030 PLUS 7X500X500X35
SRW020 PLUS 7X500X500X35

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