The Waterfall Collection offers the combination of durability, style, and size in a durable full porcelain tile. The eye-catching pattern and natural appearance give a calming feel to any space.

Water Resistant Design

Due to the glazing and kiln-fired process of these tiles, they offer a dense material with almost no water absorption. These tiles are perfect for bathroom floors and walls, commercial interiors, and stylish homes looking for that natural stone look.

Color Swatches
LEA waterfall ivoryflow nat 60x60 105mm 003


60mm x 60mm x 10.5mm

LEA waterfall greyflow nat 60x60 105mm 002


60mm x 60mm x 10.5mm

LEA waterfall darkflow nat 60x60 105mm 001


60mm x 60mm x 10.5mm

LEA waterfall silverflow nat 60x60 105mm 003


60mm x 60mm x 10.5mm

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