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If you want to create a bold, stunning, unique look for an interior space, consider choosing wall tiles from our Trea, Delight, or Waterfall series. 

    • Trea: These smooth, rounded tiles are ideal for adding a bright pop of color to a room. They can be arranged in many different patterns and are available in five beautiful hues: Stone, Grey, Aqua, Pink, and Mustard.
    • Delight: Delight tiles are available in an array of striking black and white pattern combinations. They can be made to mimic the look of other stones and are ideal for bathrooms as well as living spaces.
    • Waterfall: The natural textured appearance and neutral color schemes of waterfall tiles make them ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces. They come in matte and semi-polished varieties. Waterfall wall tiles can either be installed as a flat, even surface or a three-dimensional design.

Want to visualize Trea, Delight, or Waterfall tiles in your remodeling project? See our room scenes below.

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